7 Things to Carry When Going for Snorkel Tours


Are you planning on going for a snorkeling adventure and wondering what to pack? if it is your first-time snorkeling, there are things that you must carry since snorkeling involves exploring the ocean under the surface and safety and comfort should be a priority. This article will help you understand what you need before snorkel tours.


A good mask that fits your face is critical. When looking for a mask, you should look for one that fits your face even when the head strap is loose and circulates oxygen and CO2 well. A good mask protects you from drowning and shallow water blackouts due to inadequate oxygen saturation.


A snorkel is a must-carry when going for snorkel tours. When choosing a snorkel, look for one that fits your mouth comfortably. There should be no pressure on your forehead or nose. A snorkel that comes close to your forehead prevents drag. A good snorkel should have a purge valve that allows water out but not in.

Mask Defogger

Masks fog forms when moisture condenses on your lens. Mask defoggers prevent your mask from fogging up since they coat the lens, and fog cannot form. When shopping, look for one that is biodegradable, non-toxic, and alcohol-free. If you are snorkeling for a long time, consider a mask defogger that lasts the whole day. However, some defoggers are used before every dive.

Bandana or Swim Cap

Getting a UV-resistant swim cap for snorkel tours is essential to protect your ears and forehead from the sun. Swim caps and bandanas keep your hair out of the snorkel, improving your experience. Swim caps come in different colors, and you can choose your favorite color; however, a light-colored fabric is not the best since the more it gets wet, the more transparent it becomes, allowing the sun in.

Float Vest

Whether you are a beginner or not, a float vest is essential since snorkeling aims at staying afloat. They help in keeping you buoyant and less nervous. You can rent the floating vest for some time or purchase it. A good snorkel vest should be lightweight, inflatable, compact, and allow you to float underwater with your face.


Wetsuits keep you warm in cool waters, promote buoyancy, and protect you from sunburns and stingy things in the ocean. Short-sleeved wetsuits with leggings that stop before the knees are good for calm waters and are easier to pack since they take less space in your suitcase. If the water is too warm for a wetsuit, rash guards provide protection from sun and ocean stinging.


People who want to try free diving should get longer fins to help them swim deeper and faster. In snorkel tours, short fins are better as they are not heavy and enable you to change direction quickly and kick easily. Before wearing fins, it is vital to wear neoprene socks to prevent blisters and also keep your feet warm.


 For first-timers, it is vital to go for a snorkel tour before going snorkeling on their own. You want to see cool things like turtles, fish, and corals when snorkeling. Your safety and comfort when on a snorkel tour will determine how much fun you have.