Airport Anxiety? Travel Tribulations? Try taking a CBD Pill.


“What is Airport Anxiety?” You may have asked yourself this question several times when you are about to take a trip to the airport, or on a flight where you are anxious about your travel experience. Airport Anxiety? Travel tribulations?

Well, you can try any of the following techniques to relieve your symptoms. They are all safe and can be done easily without any medications or drugs. But first, you should know that all these techniques work by relaxing and reducing your anxiety levels. So, you should try them out.

One technique is to distract yourself by remembering pleasant memories. Imagine yourself taking a relaxing stroll along the beach or walking along the river with your children. The key is to focus on something pleasurable. This technique may not be effective if you have agoraphobia or social anxiety. If you do not feel confident about this, then try breathing exercises or imagining that you are surrounded by people whom you adore.

Another technique is to breathe deeply and slowly. You may want to focus on your breathing patterns, and try to relax. Start by breathing in through your nostrils, and slowly working your way out. Repeat the cycle several times. Find out more info at

Another thing you can do is to look for other people who are around you so that you can start to feel more at ease. Look for someone sitting on the bench who looks relaxed, or a woman nearby who seems to be having an anxiety attack. Ask her for some help, since you will find her quite helpful. Do the same for the guy sitting next to you on the plane, or the guy sitting next to you in the plane who does not seem to be bothered by anything.

These techniques should help you lessen your anxiety, at least for the duration of your flight. But if you cannot find someone to talk to, or if your symptoms become unbearable, you may need to use medication or anti-anxiety medication prescribed by your doctor. Just make sure that you respect your doctor’s advice and do not go off medication suddenly. It can be fatal if you do.