Five Tips to Ensure a Safe and Successful Spring Break with your Friends


A spring break vacation is a perfect time to shake off the cold temperatures and escape your daily routine. However, although you have the right to have a fun, relaxing, and exciting week off from school, you don’t want to ruin it by not being cautious. Before you head out for your high school group vacation, make sure you are armed with the following tips to ensure a safe and successful spring break:

Book a Hotel Room that Lets you In

If you and your group are at least 18 years old, you can easily find spring break hotels for 18 year olds that allow people of your age to rent a room. But, you will have a problem if some of you are minors, especially if you don’t have an adult accompanying you. Before your planned travel date, make reservations in advance. You can get away with age restrictions when you find hotels that bend the rules. Or you can let a parent or guardian book a hotel room for you. Make sure to call the hotel in advance to confirm everyone’s stay.

Look for Each Other

When you travel with a group, it can be easy to lose track of every person, especially when you visit a crowded destination. Setting up a buddy system with your friends will help ensure you are all accounted for at all times. Wherever you go, make sure you are with a friend or two. You must look for each other.

Stay Alert

When you are out partying with other spring breakers or you are in an unfamiliar location, you must be alert and aware of your surroundings and friends. Generally, it is best to avoid dark places and very crowded areas. When you are in a cab, follow your phone’s navigation to ensure you are going the right way and to the right place. Pay attention to your belongings and to the people around you during the day and night.

Keep your Hotel Room to Yourself

When you check in our out and about, ensure only your group of friends know your specific location. If you will hang out with other guests at the hotel, ever bring them to your room. Always stick to places such as restaurants for your get-togethers.

Be Smart When You Drink Liquor

It is imperative to always pay attention to your drink. Also, you must know your limits when it comes to alcohol and not give in to the pressure of spring break boozing. Ensure someone in your group stays sober every night to ensure everybody gets home safely.