Games you Should Consider Playing at an Outdoor Picnic


There is no outdoor picnic event that would be fulfilling without, a moment of entertaining picnic games for both adults and kids. Picnic games and activities create some social bonding and interactions within the crowds. You all should enjoy a series of fun games to keep moods high while out in the sun creating memories.

Picnic games should be exciting to both adults and kids in the picnic. Below are picnic games designed to bring joy when you play in any outdoor picnic environment.

Picnic games for kids

Most of the kids at a picnic would have fun playing these games;

  • Bubbles– kids love playing with bubbles. When on a picnic, setting up a bubbles bath will keep the kids entertained.
  • Toilet paper games– kids enjoy this game as they are divided into groups while competing against each other. It’s a competitive game for kids. It expounds their minds and keeps them active as they keep wanting to win against each other.
  • Parachute games– a very nice game for kids. Making a parachute, requires a piece of paper, strings, and some sticks. Making parachutes with kids and flying them above is a fun activity to kids at any picnic.
  • Moon bounce– kids love jumping, and bouncing. Inflating a bouncing counsel will keep them so entertained.

Picnic games for Adults

When your picnic affair is of adults only, playing these games will keep you happy and having fun.

  • Ring toss– this is a great game for adults. You become creative when tossing the ring, so that your opponent does not toss more than you. It keeps you focused and entertained.
  • Cornhole– a very fun filled game for adults. You play in teams and compete against each other. You compete by throwing bean bags on the board and whichever team throws the beanbag in the hole first wins.
  • Card games– card games are so popular among adults on picnic. Having a deck of cards at an outdoor picnic is fun and entertaining. You play against each other. This makes you bond and interact with each other. You can play card games anywhere with your adult friends.
  • Basketball– as a group of adults having an outdoor picnic, you can compete against each other by playing basketball. Most preferably between men and women. It’s fun and competitive.