The Paddleboard Accessories You Will Want For The Summer


As the summer season begins its approach, watersport enthusiasts are likely to be eagerly anticipating their return to the beach. Equipment will be brought out of storage, boards cleaned and waxed, and maps scrutinised for the best possible adventures.

Those who do think ahead are often rewarded. Trips, for example, can be much more affordable when booked in advance, as well as offering a greater deal of availability for bookings and hotels. Other factors, such as the cost of accessories and equipment, can also be cheaper for those who might seek out options in advance, which is why we’re sharing the best paddleboard accessories you will want to procure for the summer season.

Carrying Strap

Those who have their own paddleboard will know just how large and cumbersome they can be. While many are happy to navigate their way to the water with their board across short distances, it can be a significant challenge when trying to access lesser-explored coves and beaches, especially those that are difficult to access.

As such, a carrying strap, which is a simple and comfortable accessory, makes travelling with your board much easier, alleviating the weight and allowing individuals to access harder-to-reach bodies of water with greater ease.

Camera Mount

Being able to attach a camera to a paddleboard offers the ability for individuals to capture the memories and thrills of their excursion. A variety of mounts are available, along with waterproof cases, enabling adventure cameras and even mobile phones, to be attached to the front of a board.

Having a camera on your board is not only a great way to capture the view but also for experience and development, with many pros choosing to record footage so that they can improve their performance over time.

Kayak Seat

A paddleboard is only a simple accessory from being transformed into a kayak. By adding a seat, individuals can sit down comfortably on their board and begin traversing the water as they would if they were riding a kayak.

Alongside this addition, which can be added to both inflatable and solid boards, one only needs a kayak paddle to begin opening themselves up to new adventures on the water.

Dry Bag

Those who take their paddleboard out to new locations, seeking out hidden beaches and secluded coves, as well as those who paddleboard down rivers for a weekend adventure, will do well to equip themselves with a dry bag. This accessory comes in several styles but always maintains the same function, which is to keep belongings safe from the water.

This means not only keeping them dry, especially when atop a paddleboard, but also afloat should they fall into the water.

Board Pump And Silencer

Inflating your paddleboard at the beach is a demanding task without the addition of a board pump. This is why most individuals with inflatable boards will bring along a pump too, not only alleviating themselves of the task but also ensuring they achieve the right pressure for their board.

Pumps will also be offered alongside silencers that, when deflating the board after a session on the water, will ensure that any potential noise is kept quiet, so as not to disturb others trying to relax.